Friday, May 23, 2014

Party on Top of the Hill - After School

One of the more enjoyable experiences of this visit was the opportunity to spend time with a group of kids from a local after school program (and surprisingly so, to be quite truthful – I’m not a HUGE kid person, but this group was amazing).  We drove up to the tippy top of the construction site to get a view and see the progress on the runway, and stopped in one of the terminals to see an in-progress terrazzo floor piece.  I got a chance to talk with them about my participation as artist-in-residence and they were so enthusiastic I wound up giving prints to anyone who wanted them – which was everyone, and they had a hard time making choices, and I couldn’t say no, so, like I said earlier, most of my work proofs printed during the community studio hours went right back into the community.  It seemed entirely appropriate.

A few images from the school tour are below.

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