Friday, May 23, 2014

Community Studio in the Airport, Once More

There was a bit less hustle and bustle in the airport during the community studio hours in May, as the holiday travelers weren’t descending upon the region en masse as in December, and I didn’t have the school kid orchestras as my neighbors busting out the Christmas jams. But, the semi-quiet was good too.  This time I got to know the airport employees a bit better – some of the baggage claim staff for various airlines, the cruise line gang, one of the Sheriff’s deputies that patrol the airport, and Artie, the Airport Ambassador, in particular.  He let me share the space around the information booth with him, and we shared tons of stories - about his years as a pilot for Delta, growing up in New York, old photographs, family and travel.  I gained a lot of perspective from Artie, as well as a new appreciation for the day-to-day minutiae of the airport itself.

I had so much fun talking with people this time, that I didn’t spend as much time working on still-life set ups during these hours, but instead focused primarily on printing work proofs (which I promptly gave away over half of during the after-school program visit that also took place that week – more on that in the next blog post).  A did make a few wee little foothills though – a composite image is below....

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