Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wood and Plastic

What do these natural and synthetic materials have to do with one another?  We'll see.  Maybe nothing.  A few more recent proofs are below.  (Click on them for a more detailed view).

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Picture of Dust

Holy hell did this blog fall off the (my) map for a minute there.  It cooked along nicely for the whole of last semester and things went so well during the winter mini-residency, and then my writing energies went elsewhere for a wee bit.  Well, picking it back up now.  Lots of images and video to go through from the last months, several rolls of film shot in 6x9 format to have processed.  Need to set the studio up again to make it more conducive to working on the fly – just look at this crap everywhere.

But yeah, as I said.  This is a picture of dust.  A slice, if you will.  (Click for detail view).

Next week – more glitter.  Yep.