Sunday, October 27, 2013

Earth and Air – Rock, Sand, Rope and Cloud

Found myself thinking a lot about materials on this recent site visit.  All of the stuff, the matter that I was actually paying attention to and looking at, but also the way I was working with my own materials – camera, tracking slide and fluid head tripod.  Panning, tilting, sliding - watching everything transform through the camera’s viewfinder or LCD screen.  The wind was really whipping around, which was great.  Little weeds and grasses were flopping sideways and the plastic flags, tarps and ropes were all over the place.  Birds too and of course planes taking off one after another.  Always interesting to shift your gaze from ground level upward, the seemingly stable compacted dirt and concrete contrasting with the shimmering surfaces of water and sky just a glance above.

Several lightly edited proofs from the recent visit are below.  I haven’t had a chance to review the video yet.  Look for a few preview clips in the coming weeks, if you are interested.

Click images for larger view: