Sunday, January 19, 2014

That Slice of Sky

I was curious what would happen on this visit as it was the first time I visited the site while consciously thinking of depicting the space in a manner that might simultaneously work as a horizontal or vertical image (either moving or still).  Not surprisingly, I was preoccupied by the way making (relatively) tiny slices out of the piled up dirt would allow the air above (or beside) to dominate the image.  And, similarly, by choosing to make little slivers out of the atmosphere, the space would flatten out drastically.  These simple shifts in perspective are so basic, but it’s interesting to consider that this is likely the dominant view for so many of the workers that occupy these shifting spaces daily. 

Click Image for Larger View

So, that’s part of what I was thinking about while wandering around a bit.  As well, I was drawn to some of the newly produced still lifes resulting from the construction residue – a few of those are below.