Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mounds, Piles and Dynamic Compaction

A few more lightly edited images (and some raw video clips) from yesterday's site visit.  We were on top of one of the fabricated inclines yesterday (that's what I'm choosing to refer to it as today - although I also like the sound of "modified mound", "relocated earth pile", "reconstructed dirt mass"...and so on.

I'm excited to start thinking more about this, specifically in terms of the sheer amount of volume/mass involved in the project - the fact that an enormous amount of tonnage is being transported from one place to another to make this happen.  That, coupled with the fact that this mini-mountain is being built on top of a swamp (hence the need for the dynamic compaction) is fascinating to me.

Much, much more on all of this later...

NOTE:  The audio from the video clips below will not be used - at least not synchronously - and the footage will likely be altered fairly substantially, if used.

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