Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hot Rocks and Cool Sod

A few more selections from the last day on site at FLL on Thursday.  I thought I'd put a few of these together as multiples so I can start getting a sense of how the imagery might work in that manner.  Some short clips of raw, unprocessed video footage is in the mix here too (once again, I won't be using synchronous audio, so consider muting the speakers when viewed - or not, it's somewhat interesting to hear the muffled sounds of wind and beeping as well - one day I'll remember to exclude audio when uploading the clips).

Most of this imagery was gathered while on top of the limestone "mountains" that will eventually be the runway.  I did ask to be taken back to the bottom as well, near the dynamic compaction - which is where I was introduced to the lovely sod hill.

More later....

(Click on the images below for larger, detail view)

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