Sunday, November 11, 2012

Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere But Not A Drop to Drink

And so it goes, this week.  Free association mania, you might say.
No time to sit and write anything of substance this week.  Instead, just some pictures.
I’ve got movement too, that I can work with.  Last few weeks I’ve fiddled with the static multiples.  Video comes next.  Probably.  Below is a working draft of a statement of sorts for the current batch of stuff.

No One Was With Her When She Died
2009 - Ongoing
A Work in Progress

These images were made in reaction and response to my daily surroundings within and throughout the home, studio and landscape.  They serve as recordings of my efforts to make visible perceptual inconsistencies between experienced and recorded time.  Trees, weeds and leaves along with dew, sparkles, plastic and glass are the materials at play within these fixated non-moments, where only a peripheral glimpse is captured within an endless optical flow.  These scenes sit empty and alone.  I sometimes lament that we cannot “know” things in time, but only through recollection, which can be temporally very near or very far.   And so, I look through and to the camera as both device and mechanism for perceiving and being in space and time.

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