Sunday, November 18, 2012

From Time (To Time) - and a Hiatus

Gotta take a break for a minute.  Too much to catch up on – end of semester craziness, random deadlines looming, various thisthatandtheotherness.  I’m only allowing myself this break from weekly posting as I plan to write on an (almost) daily basis during my upcoming winter residency at Hambidge beginning soon.  I’ll be there for almost two weeks, and plan to do some serious multi-tasking.  With limited internet, posting will be a tad difficult, but I’ll get some thoughts and some imagery up at least every other day.

But, a quick thought before I take this short break.  That phrase up there, the title of this post, you know.  It’s from a series/project that I started in 2007 or so.  It was the first thing I did that got me really going on the still/moving thing with multiple panel photographs and identical moving imagery.  It was a bit short lived and was abandoned (I think) too quickly.  And it was just called from time to time.  Not, from time (to time).  The phrase was used to infer both the ideas of “occasionally” as is its common use, but also to speak to the flitting around from “space to space and time to time”.  But I was thinking of it again today and really fixating on the specifics of language within the phrase. 

What does it really mean to say that you think of, or do something “from time to time”?  What an odd turn of phrase really.  Because if it means occasionally, or on occasion – I suppose that refers to an instant or a time – an occasion.  So, more accurately one would say “sometimes” – which we also do.  Sometimes.  Referring to multiple occasions or instances.  But not, “from time to time”.  That’s different than “sometimes”.  To go from one time to (another) time.  That infers movement and distinct periods as well – and refers to the passage of time.  And so I suppose that phrase is sort of bound to memory, pretty specifically, or at the very least notions of the past as relived in the present.

Any rate – my new (or continued) thinking is still tied to all this, so I may bring back the phrase.  It also relates (a bit) to my continued use of tracking shots – as being distinct from the pan that turns around an axis (the tracking shot in fact moves in a direct linear motion from one time/space to another).  Yeah so, from time (to time).  I’ll get back to you on that.

I’ll leave us with a short, unedited video clip from last week.
Next transmission – from a cabin in the mountains....

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